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The Loss of MTB 732

La Combattante, a Hunt Class destroyer manned by the Free French Navy, which was involved in the friendly-fire incident with MTB 732. La Combattante was herself sunk in February 1945 when she hit a mine, and 117 of her crew were lost

The English Channel: 28th May 1944

The night of the 28th–29th May 1944 saw the largest single loss of life suffered by Coastal Forces through friendly fire, when MTB 732 was sunk by gunfire from the Free French destroyer La Combattante in the English Channel, after being mistaken for an E-boat.

MTB 732 acccompanied by MTB 739 had been ordered to search for two E-boats, sighted in an area of the Channel where La Combattante was also conducting a sweep. Despite both MTBs sending up recognition flares, the destroyer opened fire on MTB 732, sinking the boat, and killing 15 crew.